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Texas Man’s INSANE Reason for Joining ISIS

Surprisingly, two Americans were found among five ISIS terrorists captured in Syria earlier this month. At least one has no regrets about allying with Islamic extremists. (Fox News) Warren Clark, 34, a Texas native who had sent his teaching resume to ISIS in hopes of joining the terror organization, spoke to NBC News about why

Nightmare Continues For American Detained in Moscow

A former U.S. marine faces 20 years in the brutal Russian prison system if convicted of espionage, as authorities claim he had a USB drive with a classified list of names. (The Guardian) Paul Whelan, who is head of global security for a Michigan-based car parts supplier, is being held in the Lefortovo detention facility,

Cincinnati’s Worst Pedophile Priest Nailed WHERE?!

The first boy went to the authorities one month ago in a remote Philippine village with a stomach-churning tale about a Catholic priest from Cincinnati who had sexually abused him. For years. Then another boy came forward. Followed by another. And another. One was seven-years-old. ( Within weeks, Filipino police and U.S. immigration officials had

Frantic Search Continues For Missing Marines

Five United States Marines remain missing after a refueling plane and fighter jet collided during a training exercise off the coast of Japan. Rescuers found two crew members, but one has since died to their injuries. (TheBlaze) Around 2 a.m. Thursday morning, an F/A-18 fighter jet and a KC-130 refueling aircraft crashed roughly 200 miles

AGAIN: U.S. Consulate Under Attack

U.S. and Mexican authorities are investigating a grenade attack on the American Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico. As of this publication, it’s unknown if the attack resulted in any casualties. (Breitbart) Law enforcement sources in Mexico revealed to Breitbart News that the attack on Saturday morning was initially reported as a possible shooting or a person

UN Climate Summit Will Have Bigger Carbon Footprint Than THIS

The UN Climate Summit, held under the auspices of “saving the planet” will emit more carbon dioxide than 8,200 American homes. It’s carbon footprint is also equivalent to nearly 12,000 cars driving continuously – for one year. (The Daily Caller) The U.N. estimates the summit, called COP24, will emit 55,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide

Caravan Halts Amid Report of Abducted Child

Organizers of a caravan of several thousand migrants urged its members to rest in Southern Mexico amid reports of an abducted child hiding in the mass of humanity. (NBC News) The migrants said they would stay and hold a meeting Sunday in Tapanatepec. Late Saturday night, groups of migrants were running through the town’s streets

Will Mexico Stop Migrant Caravan?

Watch the latest video at The 4,000-person strong migrant caravan has reached the southern border of Mexico. What happens next remains to be seen. (Fox News) The caravan, which initially took shape as a means to escape the pervasive poverty and violence in Honduras, arrived at the Guatemalan border town of Tecun Uman on