Donald Trump’s official merchandise store began selling T-shirts, mugs and koozies with his mug shot on it under the words “NEVER SURRENDER” just hours after he was booked at the Fulton County jail Thursday evening.

Two bumper stickers are going for $12, two koozies cost $15, a mug is priced at $25 and t-shirts are $34.

Trump had the photo taken before he was released on a $200,000 bond.

On Etsy, companies quickly posted merchandise with the mug shot on them as well. MyTeeGallery was selling a Trump mug shot sweatshirt for $23.99 with a hoodie going for $34.95 while a laminated sticker from blumexcreative went for $3.

Rodney Ho

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6 months ago

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6 months ago

LISTEN UP…ALL of TRUMP items will be a COLLECTORS item in the Future. HE is Worth His Weight in GOLD..24 Kt. What an inspiration . All my Love…From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉