Former governor Chris Christie as he is expected to hop into the 2024 GOP race. Photo/Wikimedia/Gage Skidmore

Former New Jersey Governor and previous presidential hopeful Chris Christie plans to announce his 2024 bid to the White House on Tuesday in New Hampshire. In a scoop first reported by Axios, it was revealed that Christie would announce on June 6. This news comes just one day after a Christie super PAC was formed. The announcement will be held in New Hampshire at Saint Anselm College.

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Multiple groups, including groups of Christie’s friends, are launching Christie support groups in attempts at gathering support for the former governor. Tell It Like It Is launched a website in Christie’s favor as well as a Super PAC full of Christie’s friends. It seems like all of his supporters are getting out votes as they rush to gather enough support to get the necessary amount of supporters to remain in the running come debate season.

Christie called a potential presidential run a “huge risk” at an event hosted by Semafor in Washington last month, he said, “If it turns out that I’m on a debate stage in August of this year and Donald Trump decides to be on it, you can be sure that we’ll have some exchanges that I hope will be illuminating to the public about both him and me.”

While it seems like Christie knew the risks of getting involved in a presidential run for a third time, nothing stopped the man from hopping into battle with Trump.

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K. Dearl Wallen
4 months ago

I would not vote before I would vote for Chris Christie.

Anna Martin
4 months ago


Anna Martin
4 months ago