The White House, home of presidents. Photo/The White House

The White House and House Republicans might have a deal!

House Speaker McCarthy spoke to President Biden Saturday evening, over the phone. Now it is up to the House GOP leaders to brief all other House members later in the evening. The plan was for the House and Biden to reach an agreement by Saturday since they plan to hold a final House vote on Tuesday. To get to that vote on Tuesday, all house members would need to receive the document Sunday, to have time to review it.

While it is unclear how exactly McCarthy and Biden came to an agreement on many of the questions the debt agreement raised, like food stamp rules, McCarthy according to CNN claims he isn’t worried about getting it voted through.

As of now, it is unclear where the agreement stands. We may not know what is in the text until the vote comes Tuesday. However, we do know that a deal needs to be struck quickly, or the United States is headed to its first-ever default.

This is a developing story.

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Donald Nicholas
4 months ago

I don’t believe or trust this administration’s belief that default is the only answer. Scare tactics when they threatening Social Security, pensions, disability payments, but never touch the sacred federal payroll. They used to talk about a government “shutdown”, but no federal employee ever loses a dime. Yellen is a hack that isn’t above lying, or is that just being a politician, or a democrat?

4 months ago

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Stephen Russell
4 months ago

CUT More McCarthy

Anna Martin
4 months ago