Drag Queen Story Hour. Photo/Time Out/Stephanie Breijo

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte is at it again.

Biden’s Inauguration Poet Takes a Stand Against School Book Ban in Florida

The Republican governor signed a bill into effect Monday that will essentially STOP drag queen story times at public schools and libraries in the state. The bill will stop these shows in public places! About time we start taking our public places back and protecting our kids from this inappropriate content.

The law, according to Breitbart, defines Drag Queen Story Hour as “an event hosted by a drag queen or drag king who reads children’s books and engages in other learning activities with minor children present.”

While this is clearly a win, the drag community is definitely up in arms. Drag Queen Story Hour executive director Jonathan Hamilt told CNN,

“Montana’s new law criminalizing freedom of expression and art should be a red flag for everyone. The moral panic of drag has too long been a scapegoat for transmisogyny and overall transphobia in this country.”

“Uncle Sam needs a makeover and our drag community is here to create one,” Hamilt added.

Montana vs TikTok: Tech Giant Fights Back

Montana had, earlier this week, become the first state to ban TikTok from being downloaded within the state. The State and Governor Gianforte is really taking the woke left agenda seriously and are fighting back! This time they are hitting to take back the First Amendment from these Drag Queens in the state.

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Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Awesome Hooray MT

4 months ago

Jesus burned the sodomite into ashes! Genesis 19.

4 months ago
Reply to  krinkov545

This living generation of sodomites get the exact same punishment.

4 months ago

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4 months ago

Die the second death faggots! You will.

4 months ago

Dear God that has to be the ugliest looking pervert that I’ve ever seen!

Gus Richards
4 months ago

You know all those sicko’s are going to file a lawsuit about this, and if the courts don’t throw it out something is wrong with our legal system. Why should we allow our children to be exposed to that disgusting behavior by a bunch of weird people that don’t even know what gender they are, or want to be. Years ago in the middle east and Europe those types would be eliminated from society.

4 months ago

Right on. USA needs to bring back God, truth, right morals and values, right gender, common sense and wisdom. Kick out and fire all that push Woke agenda, false truth and wrong gender. USA citizens come first and the children.

[…] Montana Versus the Drag Community: New Bill Shakes Up Story Time […]

4 months ago

“drag panic” yet another made up affliction. Keep DRAG and YOU away from children..Bout 6 ft. under would do.

Kim L. Naden
4 months ago

Jesus is not in Genesis 19. It was God that destroyed Sodom for its wickedness.

Anna Martin
4 months ago

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Last edited 4 months ago by Anna Martin
Dan Barber
4 months ago

It seems to me like the Progressive Democrats are waging a war on women. They don’t like young girls to compete against other young girls in sports. And taking away hygiene products for the exclusive use of biological women and selling them to transwomen; celebrating the pregnant transman who used to be a biological woman, then marking it as if the first birth to a man was earth-shattering news. They believe a transwoman would make a better spokesmodel for all products taking away jobs from biological women models. Recent trends for the Progressives are to introduce drag to young children, why?

4 months ago

Do not they understand that we do not need them here at all they need their months glued stut and to leave our kids alone