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Should Biden be impeached?

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, has remained strong in her belief that President Biden needs to be impeached and she is getting America’s support. Last week the Representative introduced articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, and since then she has received criticism and support. What do you think should Biden be impeached or is Greene going too far?

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Greene introduced a survey Monday on Twitter asking for Americans to participate and let her know if Biden should be impeached and since then Americans did exactly that. On Twitter Greene revealed that over 4,000 calls have come into her office in just five days, 80% of those letting her know they support a Biden impeachment.

With Biden’s approval ratings in a dark hole, and America turning on it’s head Greene’s plans may just resonate with the country. She shared her thoughts on the House floor and is set to keep going until the rest of the House is behind her.

What do you think? Impeach Biden?

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4 months ago

Good thing Jesus has a spot in Hell low enough and hot enough for Joe Biden.

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

Absolutely. His crimes against this nation is treason and he should pay the price for his treachery. His family is just as corrupt as he is.

4 months ago

Pointless. No donkey will vote to convict, and SloJoe will just gain public sympathy, like Clinton.

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