Amanda Gorman as her poem is banned in one Florida School. Photo/PEOPLE/ROB CARR/GETTY

Biden’s Presidential Inauguration Poet, Amanda Gorman, is starting a war with Florida parents. Her poem, which she recited during Biden’s inauguration, “The Hill We Climb” was banned in part of a Florida book ban in an elementary school in Miami-Dade County. Her poem joins The ABCs of Black History and books about Cuba in the ban.

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Now Gorman fights back.

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The complaint added Gorman’s poem to the ban, though they falsely listed Oprah Winfrey as the author. So Gorman took that as her starting point for an attack on the Bob Graham education center in Miami Lakes. In a lengthy Twitter post – Gorman said,

So they ban my book from young readers, confuse me with @oprah, fail to specify what parts of my poetry they object to, refuse to read any reviews, and offer no alternatives…Unnecessary #bookbans like these are on the rise, and we must fight back 👊🏿

If you’d like to help, donate to my fundraiser below to support @penamerica as they protect literature, spread the word, and follow great grassroots orgs like @flfreedomread 📒📕💥✊🏿

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4 months ago

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Lorraine Smith
4 months ago

Fuck off, Amanda.

4 months ago

Another hater of God on her way to hell. Just like her senile potato Joe Biden.

Murph Meister
4 months ago

And that’s because her poetry is mediocre at best.

[…] Biden’s Inauguration Poet Takes a Stand Against School Book Ban in Florida […]

[…] Biden’s Inauguration Poet Takes a Stand Against School Book Ban in Florida […]

Michael Kell
4 months ago

If you want freedom, then take responsibility for that freedom. It does not include corrupting children, with the vile things the LBGT democrats are pushing. Parents and moral people everywhere are tired of this “in your face” discussting, vile insanity. We will take back our country and put a stop to this insanity whether the liberal left likes it or not. Just crawl back under your rock and stay there. We don’t want nor need you.