Meta conglomerate. Photo/engadget/REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

If you thought ChatGPT was scary smart, you haven’t seen anything yet. While we are likely to experience ever more advances in the artificial intelligence (AI) arena, this latest update is big. Meta, Facebook’s conglomerate, has made an AI language model that is AI but is different than ChatGPT or all of its clones.

This new AI is using “the company’s Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) project to recognize over 4,000 spoken languages and produce speech (text-to-speech) in over 1,100.”

There have already been conversations started on speech being an intellectual property of actors, but with this new development in AI our voices, languages, and speech may be taken over as we use our phones and their apps on a regular daily basis.

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As Meta announces its plan to initiate AI model training by leveraging translations and language learning through the Bible, speculation arises regarding the future trajectory of these models. What lies beyond their comprehension of biblical texts? Could Meta eventually target data from Facebook or even delve into Facebook Messenger? The latter presents an enticing prospect given that users engage in calls and exchange voice clips through the app, granting microphone access to facilitate these communications. The implications of such access warrant careful consideration as Meta’s AI models continue to evolve and expand their capabilities.

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The future of AI and creating more virtual knowledge is getting increasingly scarier as more and more companies, who own considerable amounts of our data, are able to use our data to create the next big milestone. We didn’t consent to use apps under any idea that this is how our data would be stored and used. Are you okay with this possibility?

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