Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. Photo/Flickr/Shannon Cherney

Senator Tim Scott officially filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president in 2024, Friday. He is set to kick off his campaign Monday in North Charleston, South Carolina at Charleston Southern University alongside fellow Senator, and supporter, Senator John Thune, R-South Dakota. Senator Thune, who is the second-ranking Republican senator, is set to lead Monday’s events with a prayer.

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What Does Senator Thune Have To Say About Scott’s Run?

Senator Thune plans to put his full support behind Senator Scott. Thune has been a Scott supporter throughout Scott’s process to enter the 2024 race. Though Thune’s stamp of endorsement comes as the first Senator to back a candidate who isn’t former President Donald Trump. He is also set to be the highest-ranking member to endorse a candidate.

According to The Hill, Thune had told them back in April,

“I think he’d be a great candidate. I’m excited about it. I’ve been encouraging him,” Thune told The Hill back in April. “I think he’s getting a lot of encouragement from his colleagues. He’s really well thought of and respected and I think he’d be a really interesting candidate for president.”

“[I] told him to let me know when he wants to come to Northwest Iowa. It’s right next to South Dakota and I tell him I’ll come out for him or against him — whichever helps him the most,” he added.

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What Has Tim Scott Said On His Own 2024 Bid, This Far?

In an exclusive with Fox News, Senator Scott told Fox that he was looking forward to his run for the White House. Scott said,

“What I’ve seen in Iowa and New Hampshire is that voters are thrilled to have a conversation about optimism, a conversation about how to move this country forward together.”

“I’m stunned at the hunger for something positive as long as its anchored in conservatism. As long as you have a backbone,” he added.

What Is The Race Looking Like?

Senator Scott joins a crowded field with officially declared opponents Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Larry Elder, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Donald Trump. Another potential dent in Scott’s campaign could become Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ own race. As DeSantis is the closes, so far, in polls to beating former President Trump for the GOP nomination. Scott has his work cut out for him. Though the South Carolina Senator may have the support of his fellow GOP Senators as with Senator Thune, Scott also seems to be gathering the support of Senator Mike Rounds, R-South Dakota, as well. Time will tell, but for now, what are your thoughts?

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16 days ago

Sen .Thune not for Trump? Never really heard about him fighting for conservatives much … We’re still for trump.

16 days ago
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Stephen Russell
9 days ago

Thune the RINO