Photo of a gas stove. Gas stoves, which Biden attempted to ban, were saved by the House Wednesday evening. Photo/Yahoo News

The House of Representatives approved an amendment Wednesday that would prevent the Department of Energy (DOE) from implementing Biden’s gas stove ban. While Biden has, for some reason, set his sights on appliances the House is standing in the way. Now, even some Democrats are stepping in to stop Biden.

The House voted 251 to 181 in favor of the amendment from Representative Gary Palmer, R-Alabama, on the GOP big energy policy bill. 29 Democrats broke away from Biden and voted with Republicans to put an end to the ridiculousness that was Biden’s vendetta against gas stoves.

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Ever since the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicated it was planning on banning gas stoves for “health reasons,” Republicans have been looking to defend the stoves. However when the CPSC couldn’t get backing for the ban due to health reasons they decided to try a different method. They attempted the ban, mentioning energy efficiency standards. Now that has been blocked out by the House.

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With the Biden administrations new rules, for energy efficiency, about half of gas stoves on the market today would not meet their requirements. For the 38% of American households – or roughly 40 million homes – who use gas stoves to cook this was a direct attack on the way these Americans live. After much work, and two similar bills that had surfaced in the House earlier this month, those 38% of Americans can rest easy knowing they will not have to budget a new stove into their tight budgets any time soon.

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2 months ago

This just shows the level of stupidity of the Democrats. Why would they possibly go after the cleanest burning fossil fuel? If you got rid of all the stoves it would make little to no difference but there are so many dolts out there that think it will make a difference.

2 months ago
Reply to  msgleo

You hit it in the very first sentence , Stupidity ! That and their desire to destroy America and turn it in to their very own dictatorship and third world shithole .

2 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt

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Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Ask the residents of Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear CA about gas stoves, heaters.

[…] Bipartisan House Bill Blocks Biden’s Gas Stove Ban […]

2 months ago

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Anna Martin
2 months ago

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[…] Bipartisan House Bill Blocks Biden’s Gas Stove Ban […]