Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

According to several reports, the Manhattan grand jury examining Donald Trump’s hush money allegations is set to take a month-long break from the case in April. This break could push any signs of an indictment back to late April – if it happens. Though as Bragg is known to do, he may ask the jury if they want to meet during the pre-scheduled break.

Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s Potential NY Indictment

When is the break?
The jury heard testimony in Trump’s case Monday but was not scheduled to meet Wednesday and is expecting to hear a different case Thursday. Then next week the grand jury is expected to hear another case – with no relation to Trump’s and have a holiday Thursday for Passover. Then the following two weeks are expected to be this break, which was first scheduled back in January when the grand jury first convened.

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What would this mean?
For the case, this could push back a decision into the last week of April, depending on if they even hear Trump’s case that first week back from break. Then if they do hear his case the last week of April, and the first week back from their break, they would have to conclude the hearing and finish deliberation in all of three days for a decision to come out in April. Meaning – it is highly likely a decision or an indictment will not come until May at the earliest potentially. As there is still a chance that Bragg could ask the jury if they want to meet those two weeks instead of keeping the calendar as is and taking the break. If they meet they could conclude, deliberate, and come to decisions that could then result in an indictment this month.

For now, we will have to wait and see what Bragg does, and how the grand jury reacts. Though with this new information, it seems like we will be waiting on any decisions from the Manhattan grand jury for another month.

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Stephen Russell
2 months ago

On break until 2040?
Or No Case

2 months ago

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Paul Lamothe
2 months ago

Democrats need more time to bribe witnesses and get their lies straight to persecute President Trump.

Bill Collins
2 months ago

Bragg is the first prosecutor I’ve heard of that couldn’t indict a ham sandwich.

e e
2 months ago

“NY Grand Jury On Break For A Month? What Does This Mean?”

“…What Does This Mean?” are you kidding me?! a first grader knows EXACTLY what this means. it means that they know they only have bogus charges and they know that everyone knows this and they need some time to figure out how to convince Americans to believe in their lies before they take this any further. and if they can’t come up with a scenario that they can use to convince Americans of their lies, then they’re hoping that the time gap will cause us to forget. THAT’s what this means.

[…] NY Grand Jury On Break For A Month? What Does This Mean? […]

Stephen Russell
2 months ago

No Case
Bragg arrested
Make fake arrest, riots ensue

Anna Martin
2 months ago

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Last edited 2 months ago by Anna Martin
2 months ago

It means they are stalling to keep the bad publicity going, hoping it will persuade enough republicans to change their Trump support, democrats can forget changing republicans loyalty to PRESIDENT TRUMP.
The democrats are hoping it will keep Patriotic Americans mind off the treasonous biden family cheating, pay to play and selling of America to the chinese.