President Biden speaks during a State of the Union address at the US Capitol on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023. Biden had many talking points covering a wide variety of issues. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP/Bloomberg)

President Biden has said many times that Republicans are aiming to cut Medicare and Social Security. Though through a recent study published by a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity Biden’s own policies are cutting these programs. Casey Mulligan, University of Chicago economics professor, explains that Biden’s “anti-growth” policies are actually at the center of destroying these senior citizen programs.

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According to the report, Biden “anti-growth” policies will ultimately cut Medicare and Social Security by at least $400 billion but potentially up to $900 billion. The exact amount would depend on how long these anti-growth policies exist.

According to Fox the report says,

“Joe Biden has pledged many times that he will not cut Social Security and Medicare benefits — and has even accused Republicans of a secret plan to cut these programs for seniors,” the report states. “But the real risk to the financial security of Americans in retirement comes from Biden’s anti-growth welfare, regulatory, tax and employment policies that will reduce GDP, growth, work and wages.”

“Promised Social Security and Medicare benefits are also put in harm’s way by low- or negative-growth economic policies,” writes Mulligan. “Today’s benefits are paid for out of today’s worker wages and tomorrow’s benefits (and thereafter) are paid out of future wage growth. Quite literally, the programs give the elderly a share of the earnings of the nation’s workers.”

“The combination of health insurance expansions, economic regulation (including policies related to welfare programs and labor markets), energy or climate regulation, education policy, and business taxation reduced growth and thus revenues into the trust funds,” according to the report. “Because Social Security and Medicare operate on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, benefits will be severely squeezed in the years to come as Congress struggles to figure out how to make up for this worsening structural deficit. Even before that happens, less national labor income translates to lower Social Security benefits, lasting the rest of their lives, for every worker reaching retirement age.”

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Mulligan also explained in the report that under Biden’s reign real wages have fallen as they adjusted for inflation, and many returns on investments have gone into the negative. This is not sustainable for our society. And the worst part is that these findings are consistent with U.S. Department of Labor data.

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Shirley S Thoman
8 months ago

I knew Biden was going to cut SSS he blamed Republicans but its him

glora paul
8 months ago

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Last edited 8 months ago by glora paul
Don M
8 months ago

There is never any talk of an audit of where all SS and Medicare money is going.
There is quite a large number of people on SS disability and are not disabled. Lack of an audit on all federal entitlements is criminal.
I just started taking my SS in January at 66 years and 5 months. I’ve been paying in since I was 15.
For the last 22 years I’ve been self employed so I have been paying All of the SS taxes, unlike a W-2
employee, who only directly pays 1/2 of the tax.
It’s way past time to audit all these programs to be sure recipients are really eligible.

Ralph Richardson
8 months ago

Our government spent all the money they took in for SS and Medicare on their pet projects. Now these programs are hand to mouth.

Anna Martin
8 months ago

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John M
8 months ago

White old man speak with forked tongue.

Daniel A Hennessy
8 months ago

This guy has been in politics for so long… almost half a century… that he doesn’t seem to know what he’s said or what he is saying even as he says it. He’s the poster child for term limits. Better to have Pat Paulsen run in 2024 than Joe Biden. Really.


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8 months ago

It is so frustrating to watch time and again Democrats do what they accuse the GOP of what they will do . . . and American voters continue to elect Democrats. The news media shapes the story — covering up what Biden/Democrats do wrong and hyping the accusations of what the GOP will do. For 30 years, Democrats have been saying “Republicans want to take away SS,” and despite the fact that they do not, Dems keep on saying it. Why does it work? Because the MainStreamMedia echo the accusations of Dems, and hide the fact that the accusations are untrue. But SS does not hold a candle to what MSM is doing with the Biden Crime Family evidence, or the truth of the January 6 contrived violence, or the encroachment of Communist China in education, agriculture, Fentanyl, COVID, and now support for Russia.