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While lawmakers all over the country agree, largely, that teachers should be paid more they are left to argue on whose responsibility it is to pay them and how and what those raises may be. With inflation continuing to rise and an ongoing teacher shortage it is evident something needs to be done. Though teachers aren’t federal employees and so making laws on their wages is a hard area for many lawmakers to navigate. It hasn’t fully stopped lawmakers – yet.

Currently, the national median wage of a teacher, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, varied around $61,000 in 2021. Meaning that half were paid less and half were paid more though compensation can vary depending on the state and cost of living.

There have been multiple bills signed and drafted that could potentially change teachers’ wages soon.

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1 year ago

No public school indoctrinator should be given any additional taxpayer money. They work less than seven months per year, and want to destroy children with their evil rhetoric and scandal.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

ALL to appease Teachers Unions

[…] Will The Federal Government Raise Teachers’ Salaries to $60K? […]

[…] Will The Federal Government Raise Teachers’ Salaries to $60K? […]

1 year ago

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Poor Tax Payor
1 year ago

There a lot of teaching positions open ever since the school districts have fired so many because they didn’t take Biden’s jabs. Also, there’s a lot of new teachers out there looking for any teaching positions, and willing to take almost anything in terms of money right now. People are hurting, the only who aren’t seem to be in the House of Representatives and Senate, all of President Joe’s friends and family that he has hired, even though he promised not to hire family or friends.

1 year ago

I hope they don’t. Worthless alphabet as$holes have ruined public school for the other 95% of the Country that does not identify or will NEVER care about their twisted sexual lives. I hope all public schools close asap and everyone homeschools their kids so they learn their own families morals and values not those of the alphabet gangs. Pining for the 80s and 90s…