Rep. Lauren Boebert at CPAC. WikiCommons.

Representative Lauren Boebert, R-Colorado, announced doing CPAC last weekend that she would be a grandma come April. During CPAC’s Women’s Breakfast last weekend she was awarded the Mothers of Influence Award. During her acceptance speech she announced that her son Tyler who is 17 years old, and turns 18 on March 21, is going to be a dad in April.

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According to Jezebel,

In her comments, Boebert didn’t actually seem all that pleased about becoming a grandmother the year after she could legally run for president. “When I approached him and told him, ‘Tyler, I’m going to be a 36-year-old grandmother,’ he said, ‘Well, didn’t you make granny a 36-year-old granny?’ I said, ‘Yes, I did.’ He said, ‘Well then it’s hereditary.’ Nice try buddy.”

But then she tried to spin it into a nice little story about rural teenagers being more pro-life than their urban peers.

White Man Down: Frustration is Not Racism

Linked below is a clip of her remarks.

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1 year ago

One of the youngest and prettiest grandmothers in the world.

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