Edit of Biden speaking overlayed with the White House. Photo Edit/ Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

During President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Poland, Biden gave a speech where he repeatedly yelled “freedom.” This sparked controversy due to his administration’s policy restricting travel for unvaccinated individuals. The contradiction between Biden’s rhetoric and policy is hypocritical, some are even arguing that he cannot claim to champion freedom while limiting people’s ability to travel.

Running From Reporters? Pete Buttigieg SLAMMED for Snapping At Reporter: Refuses to Comment on Train Derailment

One such reaction comes from Representative Lauren Boebert. In which she called the President out directly.

Biden traveled to Ukraine early this week, giving them an additional $500 billion. At this point, Ukraine has now received over $68 billion from the United States, and Biden appears to have no issue writing endless checks to Ukraine.

Trump Goes To East Palestine, Ohio Tomorrow: Why Is Biden In Ukraine?

Which again has become another point of contention as the President has yet to visit the Ohio train derailment site. Where 20 days later, Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, has finally appeared. This comes after the administration is criticized for not visiting before former President Trump appeared.

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1 month ago

Wonder how much they gave him back for his bank account.