Edit of Biden speaking overlayed with the White House. Photo Edit/ Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

After nine days of silence from President Biden on the UFO’s that were flying in our skies and subsequently were shot down – he finally speaks out. At a briefing from the White House Thursday, Biden discussed the three objects – one over Alaska, one in Canada, and the one over Lake Huron. He then discussed the Chinese Spy Balloon. He mentioned that the three unidentified objects were shot down under his order. He also mentioned that the three objects are still under observation and research. Thought as of now they are most likely tied to private companies.

Biden said that we are not seeing more objects in our skies – all of a sudden. Rather scientists and researchers are just tracking more as search parameters are updated. Which we have heard before. He also mentioned that these three are not related to the Chinese Spy Balloon project.

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Biden also discussed the Chinese Spy Balloon and how the government waited to shoot the balloon down until it was safe. He mentioned that by taking this approach, and knowing its path, we were able to track, watch, and gain information from it. Biden did assure that while we have been watching the Chinese Spy Balloon, and shot it down, it does not not mean that we are in any conflict with China. He mentioned that instead we are still working with China, and hope to remain in contact with President Xi.

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Overall, Biden did not provide the American public with much new information. We have been hearing this information on repeat from the White House for the last nine days – just not from our Commander-in-Chief. We are still waiting for new information, and information on what these last three objects are and where exactly they came from. Leaving Americans with more questions than answers.

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Stephen Russell
9 months ago

Examine UFO documents since 1947 to date

Anna Martin
9 months ago


Anna Martin
9 months ago

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Last edited 9 months ago by Anna Martin
9 months ago

Our government, Our Grand POOH-PAH of a President, The President od The United States of America, Joseph R. Biden ordered and tax payers spent over $500,000.00 to shoot down an 11 year olds balloon! Only in America can WE THE PEOPLE vote in an idiot that can spend money like no other! Sorry fact is, this country is going broke! Over 82+ million voted for them. If you like him so much over President Trump, send in $1.00 each, atleast 82 million will help the rest of us!

Anna Martin
9 months ago


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John Wood
9 months ago

The entire Biden Administration is composed of dangerously incompetent people who will destroy this nation if not stopped.

9 months ago
Reply to  John Wood

I wish it were only a matter of incompetence. Actually I fear there are some Deep Staters among them who hate the USA and what it stands for and would love to slight the nation and take it down or transform it into one of those infamous *s***hole countries,’ which is the same thing.

9 months ago

82 million did not vote for these criminals. “When we win the election (2020) we are going to help our Muslim Brothers”. Kamala Harris speaking with 3 radical leftist Muslim women. Follow the money George SOROS’ not a doubt!!!