ABC has reportedly cut ties with ‘Good Morning America’ anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach after their affair was made public. According to the Daily Caller, sources close to the network said the decision was ultimately made during an intense mediation session on Thursday. They also noted that the pair would receive the payouts promised to them via their employment contracts. The investigation began early in December as the pair last appeared on GMA on December 2nd, before they were removed under the ongoing investigation.

After ABC’s investigation, the anchors and ABC went into mediation, which has been described as a “witch hunt,” in which ABC threw multiple accusations at the pair over several issues they uncovered or thought they had uncovered in their investigation. Robach was accused of having alcohol in her dressing room – which was a violation of ABC company policies. Though Robach claimed these allegations were pointless as ABC News executives sent the bottles to her.

The investigation also uncovered that the behavior the pair displayed, as their relationship went on, upset and made staff feel uncomfortable.

Though this new information is vastly different than what ABC had originally said after learning about the relationship. They originally said, according to the Daily Caller, that the pair did not break any corporate policies by dating each other.

Holmes or Robach have yet to release public statements on the matter.

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