There have now been multiple reports of razor blades being placed on gas pump handles across the western part of North Carolina. Forest City Police Department posted a community advisory Tuesday, as officers found multiple situations of razors on gas pumps. According to local news station WSOC-TV, the first few razors were found by the Department of Agriculture in what Fox described as “a routine inspection at three businesses.” For now, police are still investigating and looking for the suspect or suspects.

The community advisory post stated,

“We are actively investigating these instances now in cooperation with the state Department of Agriculture and will follow up with more information when available.”

The police also warned citizens to be alert and “aware” of their surroundings when pumping gas. They also warned that citizens should check the gas handle before touching it or picking it up. As it can be seen in the pictures below that Forest City Police Department released, blades are in a spot that would more than likely be touched when picking up the pump handle in order to pump gas.

According to Fox,

The first rusty razors were found at a BP gas station and a Shell gas station in Forest City, the outlet reported. Photos provided by police show the razors wedged into the area where unsuspecting customers would place their hand to pump gas.

Razors were also found at other gas stations across Rutherford County.

While this situation has been mentioned online, on websites like Instagram and Tik Tok amongst younger groups, it was never clear if they were actually happening. Now we know they do and as Americans, we must stay vigilant. To the people of North Carolina – be careful and watch out as police still haven’t found the perpetrators of these evil crimes.

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Sick individuals do things like this and need to be taught a lesson.