The Supreme Court has rejected a bid by New York retailers to block new gun control laws in their state, which they say violate the second amendment. Paloma Capanna, attorney for the New York gun retailers, told Fox News on Wednesday, “We are challenging the ability of the state of New York to target dealers in firearms in the lawful stream of commerce, to put them out of business, which is what the new laws will do. So it really was unfortunate to see that we couldn’t get any emergency temporary injunction against those laws.” There was no written dissents or explanations in the Supreme Court’s decision as New York Attorney General Letitia James praised the ruling saying that the “gun safety laws help save lives, and keep our state safer.”

Wednesday’s decision comes only a week after the Supreme Court refused to act on another restrictive New York gun law, the Concealed Carry Improvement Act. But Justice Justice Clarence Thomas did write an opinion on that ruling, saying, “the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.” The Concealed Carry Improvement Act law prohibits carrying a gun in “sensitive areas,” such as stadiums, houses of worship, museums, parks and other public places. The Supreme Court stated that they would not strike down the law before the district court made their decision.

Capanna argued that new record-keeping laws will create an unconstitutional gun registry.

“The list of new mandatory compliance even goes so far as a turnover of acquisition and disposition records… which the state of New York attorneys have admitted will be used to create the first-ever gun owners registry housed at the New York State Police,” Capanna said Wednesday.

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10 months ago

Is this New York Supreme Court or US?

Robert Simone
10 months ago

It is unfortunate that the Supreme Court has created more problems than it solves and this recent decision is just one example of their lack of understanding of what gun control actually accomplishes. Gun control fails because it does not apply to criminals, it applies to law abiding people, something that the high court does not understand.

r m
10 months ago
Reply to  Robert Simone

A majority of those justices must have flunked English somewhere along the line since they fail to understand the complete 2nd Amendment and especially the meaning of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”… As far as I am concerned, the supreme court screwed up capital punishment to the point it is no longer a deterrent to killers. Killers are garbage and both need to be disposed of appropriately and permanently; hard line justice and non-unaminous verdicts are needed to dispose of killers appropriately. The biden administration is a criminal coddler.

r m
10 months ago

The Roberts supreme court has been virtually a total failure since Bush appointed Roberts to the bench from the outside as chief justice no less. The Connecticut land grab case, the internet sales tax case, second amendment cases all have been screw ups. The only case the court got right was Heller. New York is a wasteland and two justices on the supreme court are from New York so figure.

10 months ago


10 months ago

I am appalled! I believe that a crime of treason is being committed when anyone knowingly tries to undermine the Constitution by creating a law(s) that is(are) in direct conflict with any amendment and should be arrested and tried for their crime of treason. I also believe the Supreme Court should take an aggressive firm stance on this issue and put an end to these treasonous actions.

Ima Enyurphase
10 months ago

Our justice system is so broken. Court rulings sometimes don’t even make sense, and that’s if they even will take a case. It’s gotten to the point to be “everyman for himself” because the courts are so unreliable. Criminals are rarely affected, but the law abiding are. I guess it’s come to the point to disobey any law or ruling from the courts or government that doesn’t follow the Constitution (and our rights under it) and hope to not get caught.That’s a Hell of a way to look at it, but if our system isn’t working, it’s the only thing left.

James Sanderson
10 months ago

Second Amendment has been trampled over and over by New York. It shows by their out of control criminality.

10 months ago

I don’t believe the United States Supreme Court should have anything to do with this. They should stand up for the constitution itself that protects our 2nd amendment right. As far as where they may be carried should be left up to individual businesses. If they have a sign on the door stating no guns allowed then this should be respected. If there is no sign denying gun carry, I believe individuals should have the right to carry concealed.

10 months ago

The 2nd Amendment should be inviolate. It stands on its own.

David A Mille
10 months ago

Letiicia James is the biggest fool to ever get elected to a government office….she is a anti 2nd amendment idiot who needs to be recalled by all New Yorkers who believe in the 2nd Amend and safer streets and less crime. This moron couldnt find the law if she grabbed both butt cheeks and shi* it out of her ass! What a total loser

10 months ago

Have no idea why they would wait until a lower court rules. The case is clear; you cannot ule to punish a legitimate business eling a legal product any mre than a car dealer or manufacturer for using it to kill someone.