Photo Edit of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. Photo Edit/ Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

2023-01-12 – The National Republican Senatorial Committee, NRSC, has released its first ads targeting these dangerous Democratic Senators. In the new NRSC ad campaign, titled “Retire or Get Fired,” the committee takes aim at three Democratic Senators – Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Jon Tester of Montana, and Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and their “liberal records” and ties to Joe Biden. The three men are picked apart in three separate NRSC ads. Their decisions for the next two years, and future elections, could change the dynamic of the Senate. Just Manchin and Tester’s decisions could change the majority of an already close Senate.

NRSC Chairman Senator Daines has stated that if the red-state Democrats do not retire the next two years will be brutal for them. Which is a concern for the left as it would be nearly impossible for them to keep the Senate majority if even two retire from the tough campaigns.

In the first video entitled Joe, the NRSC hits at Manchin and the policies he has approved. Saying “when it mattered most, Joe sold West Virginia out. Joe Manchin’s lost his way. It’s time to bring him home.”

The second ad, focused on Senator Jon Tester, mentions he “votes with Biden 91% of the time.” It also hit on his unreliability, especially for the people of Montana counting on his vote in the Senate.

The third ad, aimed at Sherrod Brown, discusses his long history in D.C. and the over-abundant support he receives from D.C. Liberals like Biden and Kamala. The ad highlights the fact that Brown votes against Ohio “almost every time.”


Brown has announced that he would be running for reelection in 2024, though Machin and Tester have yet to formally announce their plans. Leaving those two to be prime candidates for an especially hard next two years. Hoping that the pressure will get to them. With the policies hurting their states, their red states, Senator Daines has pledged that “the NRSC is going to make sure votes back home know it.”

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Stephen Russell
8 months ago

Wont effect CA any BUT Senate make up alone

Arthur Reis
8 months ago

Oh? And what about Di Fi??? Hmmm???

Dale Krebsbach
8 months ago
Reply to  Arthur Reis

DiFi is gone but that remains blue at any rate.

Tim Kuehl
8 months ago

Need to include Senators Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn. Oh, wait, they’re Republicans? I couldn’t tell.

8 months ago

It is ALL the Dems that must be removed, as they are communists that are taking apart all that we were meant to be! They have NO room to talk about anyone because they are traitors to America!!!!

8 months ago

People should see the email the POS Sherrod Brown sent me…he had the audacity to call Trump racist because black people had to clean up after the January rally…(just one anti-Trump thing he had to say) We HATE him in Ohio…he WILL get voted out.

Dale Krebsbach
8 months ago

No, they are not communists, only misguided Democrats. That includes some of my siblings and other close relatives. We all hail from Minnesota and some brains are still frozen. Manchin, Brown and Tester should switch to the GOP right now and they would be assured of re-election.

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