Murders, violence, homicides, and other crimes have consistently risen after they skyrocketed in 2020. In no particular order, the following five cities have experienced a continued crime spike with numerous issues this past year. Most notably these cities consisted of record-breaking homicide numbers. Numbers have remained higher than those of pre-pandemic times and subsequently increased levels of other violent crimes.

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Stephen Russell
3 months ago

ALL Blue cities chosen

r m
3 months ago

All with stupid black or stupid black sympathizer mayors…and all have removed historic monuments, plaques, etc. from public view.

3 months ago

Democrats are guilty of allowing groups of second and third generation of Illegal aliens to bring people across the southern border to increase elections votes. These groups, then encourage them to multiply in order to establish in the future one political party. Criminals from Mexico, Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia but especially Venezuela, are committing crimes, taking the jobs from U.S. Citizens, distributing drugs and increasing prostitution. Media: T.V. Networks like Univision, Telemundo and Dish Network, are confabulating to recruit minority groups from Central America and the Caribbean to work on their behalf!

3 months ago

I agree, U.S. Citizens are suffering the consequences of the Biden administration. Seniors, Veterans and Handicapped / Disable people are committing suicide or living in tents around big cities in our country. The Public Service, Car-Home-Life Insurances are the beneficiaries. Also, false advertising in the news contribute to make citizens to buy and invest on a variety of things they do not need. Before I forget, Store Groceries are selling items that have been in a freezer for more than a year. One more thing but not the last, The Veteran Administration is short of doctors and trained personnel to handle the needs of sick and disable veterans. Why? It is the same as indicated previously by Zorro: The present government administration is currently guilty of allowing Illegal Aliens to come across Texas, Arizona and New Mexico on its majority from Venezuela and Mexico and placing them in fashionable locations in contradiction to forcing veterans and disable citizens to live in the streets of every city in America!

3 months ago

Where are the other comments ?????