In what looks to be an attack on multiple electrical substations in North Carolina’s Moore County, 60 percent of the county was left without power over the weekend. Local and State authorities have investigated the incident as a “criminal occurrence” as this situation is far from normal for the over 45,000 homes and businesses affected by the situation. According to the Moore County Sheriff’s Office, the county was “plunged into darkness” Saturday night with around 35,000 homes still lacking power Monday morning.

During a press conference, Sunday evening, Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields said that substations, within the county, had been shot by gunfire in a “targeted attack.” Fields mentioned that the Moore County Sheriff’s office would be working with the FBI and the State Bureau of Investigation to get to the bottom of the situation. As a response to the situation the sheriff’s office declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew of 9 pm Sunday, they also closed schools Monday.

Though some believe that the outage could have been caused to stop a drag show that was drawing quite a bit of attention in Southern Pines. As the two events occurred at the same time Saturday evening. At this time, it has not been confirmed that that is the reason for the shootings that the substations attained.

The energy companies have estimated that the power outages may extend into Thursday after they looked at the damage to the substations.

Read more on this developing story at AXIOS.

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1 month ago

Find and execute,act of terror.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Can this be done nationwide?
Can we armorize OUR Grid.
Inside Job
& add hacking too

1 month ago

The story about it being done to disrupt a drag show. It seems like their would have to be an easier way to do that without taking down the grid for most of a county and without getting the FBI on your tail. Seems more like a test run to see what kind of damage could be done by just a few individuals.

Tom C Burch
1 month ago
Reply to  LtStarbuck

My thoughts exactly…”This is a test. This only a test. Had it been an actual attack the entire country would be blacked-out.”…and they want everything to be on the “electrical” grid entirely by 2035…LMAO…

Robert Higginbotham
1 month ago

Whoever did it and for whatever reason they should be found and prosecuted. They put a lot of innocent people at risk!!

1 month ago

Why did they do it? Silly! Because they wanted to! This may be a trial run, a test case;;;just like The Grand Pandemic. We The People have become naught but guinea pigs in a cascade of cruel experiments.