Suspense is growing as Twitter is attempting to break down “thousands of documents” pertaining to the Hunter Biden story and its cover-up by the previous Twitter staff in 2020. The story has been expected to break sometime this week, and so far only small bits of information about overall Twitter censorship has been released. We will update the story when all the necessary information is able to be reported.

Musk tweeted Monday that the files “on free speech suppression” would soon be published on Twitter.

Monday, Musk Tweeted his initial statement regarding the release of the files pertaining to the suppression of free speech:

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1 year ago

It is time that the truth is revealed. It is time to expose the corruption of the Biden family and the Biden administration. Also, this will tell the real story of fraudulent practices by democrats during the 2020 election. This is long overdue. Mr. Musk’s adherence to open dialogue and transparency without censorship may well save our constitutional republic. EVERY American should thank him!