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4 months ago

commie democrats benefited from this little commie

Sidney Jolly
4 months ago
Reply to  graceythecat

Quite a few people, on the right, label anything they fear or don’t understand “commie.”

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Only big issue is the Dems brought into FTX en masse & Chap 7 DNC

4 months ago

A dumbocrap commie con artist, proves what absolute pathetic, crooks they all are.Never see a penny of that money again.

4 months ago

When will gov pass laws that protect the investor not the bank. having investment laws that publish the risk in plain English not legalese and in large print. how many retirees have lost a lifetime of investment ? How about anyone that lost money have zero taxes from wages and investments for the rest of their lifetimes. both stare and federal also no funds for SS or Medicare. this should help with their living costs. loosing these investments send many into Poverty. worry also shortens your life, a proven medical fact. It is time we get control of lobbiests and politicians that gain both financially and politically. this bit-coin couldn’t exist without fraudulent support from the fraud that is supported by government .———- I, Grampa

Peter K Baker
4 months ago

Just like Madoff Bankman had someone blow the whistle on him too . But just like Madoff he was ignored. Can’t help notice A lot of Jewish charities and organizations have got the tin cup out to convince people to give them money now that FTX went under. Let the buyer beware.

25 days ago

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