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Democrats coalesced behind the presidential nomination of Joe Biden after Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucuses, briefly becoming the Democratic Party’s front-runner. Fearing Sanders could not beat President Donald Trump, Democrats quickly united behind the more electable Biden. But compared to “democratic socialist” Sanders, is California Gov. Gavin Newsom, on policy, really any different?

Newsom hates the oil and gas industry more than does President Joe Biden. Newsom ordered a ban on new gas-powered cars by 2035. He ordered a ban on new oil fracking by 2024. He banned the sale of gas-powered lawn mowers and leaf blowers by 2024.

Newsom ordered a more draconian COVID-19 lockdown than did any other governor. He issued a dizzying number of directives, including ordering the closure of most school campuses; a mask mandate; the vaccination of all state employees or regular testing; the mailing of ballots to all registered voters; and in-school student mask and vaccine mandates for most grades, public and private, as well and school staff vaccine mandates. As to shutdowns, in July 2020, USA Today wrote, “All (California) counties are required to close indoor operations of restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums, card rooms and all bars.”

Newsom ordered large toy stores to set up a separate section for “gender neutral” toys. The Democratic lawmaker who introduced the bill said: “Part of it is to make sure if you’re a young girl that you can find a police car, fire truck, a periodic table or a dinosaur. And then similarly, if you’re a boy, if you’re more artistic and want to play with glitter, why not? Why should you feel the stigma of saying, ‘Oh, this should be shamed’ and going to a different location?”

Newsom signed a bill to restrict sentencing enhancements for certain crimes, including those committed by gang members. Gang members in California are disproportionately black and Hispanic, and to punish them severely would perpetuate “systemic racism.” Never mind the disproportionate number of victims of gang crimes who are black and Hispanic.

Newsom signed a bill to establish a first-in-the-nation task force to study and issue recommendations for reparations. The task force recently issued its first report and proposed the implementation of “a comprehensive reparations scheme.” How out-of-step is Newsom on reparations? In December 2021, the liberal Brookings Institute wrote: “Recent polling data documents Americans’ general opposition to reparations in the form of financial payments to Black Americans as compensation for slavery.”

On abortion, The New York Times wrote: “In the past year, Mr. Newsom has ramped up funding for abortion providers; offered tax breaks for companies seeking to move from states where abortion may be outlawed; and signed bills to protect abortion patients from privacy intrusions, insurance co-pays and threats, pressure or other attempts at ‘reproductive coercion.'” Newsom supports an amendment to the state’s constitution to ensure “personal reproductive liberty,” an amendment whose wording the California Catholic Conference found so “extreme” it could allow third trimester abortions. After the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Newsom proposed making California a “sanctuary state” for those seeking abortions. In signing a bill to provide “abortion rights” to those coming to California for abortions, Newsom said: “We will not aid, we will not abet in their efforts to be punitive, to fine and create fear for those that seek that support. We are proud to provide it — and we do.”

Newsom supports California’s illegal immigration sanctuary state laws and signed legislation expanding access to state funding for health care to some illegal aliens, with a stated goal to provide state health care to (SET ITAL) all (END ITAL) illegal aliens.

Newsom signed a bill mandating that publicly held corporations headquartered in California have a certain number of “underrepresented” board members defined as “an individual who self-identifies as black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native, or who self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.” A judge ruled that the law violated the state constitution.

Any questions?

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J Rogers
21 days ago

You are looking at the reason the Golden State died and Communist California took its place. Gov. Gruesome, affectionately known by myself as the “Joke on the Coast”, along with the Democratic Socialists/Progressives/Marxists in Sacramento, is a megalomaniac who really personifies “Do as I say, not as I do.” He is the poster boy for liberal hypocrisy. Illegal immigrants in CA number around 3 million and hard-working taxpayers foot the bill. By the way, providing aid and comfort to illegal immigrants is a felony (8 USC 1324). And Democrats/Marxists are no financial geniuses either. The state has the highest taxes in the land and still managed to run up a long term debt (off the books, mind you) of about $2 TRILLION. Their radical environmental laws made our forest lands 4 times as dense as a healthy forest should be, prevented clearing the underbrush and underfunded CalFire so as to functionally disable them. Result: Forests that presented infinite fuel to any ignition source. Climate change (another hoax) did not start the fires, incompetent Democrats did. #JokeOnTheCoast

21 days ago
Reply to  J Rogers

I could not have said it better! Kudos to you!

21 days ago

He’s NOT “ok for California”. We don’t want the creep, either!!

21 days ago

Bad for California Bad for USA. Pretty Boy UGLY on the inside

James Nice
21 days ago

Just the U.S. version of Trudeau. Maybe Gavin should move to Canada and give us all a break.

21 days ago

This man is not just wacky, he is truly EVIL – in other words, he is a Democrat in good standing.

21 days ago

Newsom is terribly full of himself. It’s beginning to overflow and cause a leaking of sewage that follows him wherever he walks. I can’t imagine how his head fits into that imaginary golden crown he carries around on his head.

20 days ago

He’s half-wit megalomaniac!!!

20 days ago


19 days ago

Gavin Newsom seems to prevail with a certain element of our culture that just can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s his looks, persistence and fake charm like the serial killers Ted Bundy, Charles Shobhraz, Richard Ramirez, Paul John Knowles. After all California is the freakiest, far-out, anything-goes state of our country!