Black Lives Matter - Century City Protest - June 6, 2020 via Wikimedia Commons

Unless you are brainwashed, you regard the statements “men give birth” and “defund the police” as absurd.

Why, then, do leftists (as opposed to liberals and conservatives) say these things and even believe them?

I think there are two — related — explanations.

One is that the Left seeks to tear down every normative institution. If men give birth, “man” and “woman” no longer mean anything. “Men give birth” means the end of the male-female distinction, the most basic distinction in the human race. Racial distinctions pale in comparison. So do national distinctions.

Marxists support the obliteration of the male-female distinction because the only distinction that matters to Marxists is that of class.
The other explanation is that the endgame of leftism is chaos. It is related to the first explanation, since the obliteration of all distinctions is chaos. Distinctions mean order. Having no distinctions means chaos.

I came to realize the significance of distinctions when writing my commentary on the first five books of the Bible (“The Rational Bible”).

The Bible’s moral order is dependent on distinctions. Among them are:

Man and God

Good and evil

Human and animal

Holy and profane

Parent and child

Man and woman

Beautiful and ugly

Distinctions are so important to the Judeo-Christian moral order and weltanschauung that making distinctions is what God did for the Six Days. While they are known as the Six Days of Creation, the fact is that after creating the “heavens and the earth,” God does little creating. After Genesis 1:1 the only things God creates are the animals listed in 1:21 and the human being (1:27).
So, then, what did God do for the remainder of the Six Days? He created order out of chaos.

That’s why the second verse of Genesis may well be the second-most important verse in the Bible (Genesis 1:1 is the most important because if you don’t accept its premise, none of what follows matters): “And all was null and void,” meaning all was chaos.
Chaos is the natural state of the world. The transformation of chaos into order necessitated God.

Order is composed of distinctions. Natural order was dependent on the distinction between night and day and land and sea, and moral and social order was dependent upon the distinctions listed above. And while they are all dependent upon God, the Bible describes only one of them as “created” by God — the human being as male and female.

The Left seeks to obliterate these biblical distinctions:

The Left denies the distinction between man and God. As Marx said, “Man is God.” The idea that there is a transcendent Being to which man owes moral obedience is anathema to the Left. Man is to answer only to himself (and ultimately to a left-wing state).

The Left denies the distinction between good and evil. On the Left, there is no objective morality. Good and evil are subjective, determined by the individual and the community.

The Left denies the distinction between human and animal. According to the largest animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), for example, there is no moral difference between a chicken and a human being. They are equally valuable — so much so that, according to PETA, there is no moral difference between a barbecued chicken in America and a cremated Jew in the Holocaust.

The Left denies the difference between the beautiful and the ugly in art. That explains the ugly music and architecture and the meaningless art the art world, led by the Left, has produced for a century.

And now the Left denies the difference between man and woman.

What is this all about? It is all about rejecting the divine order which made civilization possible and returning to chaos. That why “men give birth” is related to “defund the police.” Both lead to chaos.

If you ask those who claim that men give birth or who seek to defund the police, “Do you believe in chaos?” most won’t know what you’re talking about. On a conscious level, chaos is not what the Left seeks.

But it is what the Left creates. The war against Western civilization is a war against distinctions and order. That’s why the Left loathes talk about Judeo-Christian and biblical values. These values represent the divine moral and social distinctions and subsequent order that constitute Western civilization.

That’s why “men give birth” and “defund the police” are related. Both represent disorder.

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1 month ago

The same Marxist dribble that America has been fighting for over 100 years. But now the Useful Idiots are using everything in their kit bag to change the young mind.

1 month ago

This is the best explanation I have heard for why these delusional people do the things they do. Chaos does indeed seek to destroy those that don’t agree with the left. It sees these people want to bring everyone down to their level so they can then justify their beliefs and feel normal. There are more of us that don’t agree with their ideology so why are we allowing a small, radical group tell us what to do? Our children and grandchildren deserve better!

The Old Dog
1 month ago
Reply to  jjjjj

I think it’s largely because the people are too polite to tell those morons to sit down and shut up!.

1 month ago
Reply to  jjjjj

They do not have control when they are denied control .They do not control Me for that one reason . The only one that controls Me is God , with a capital G . If You have seen The Movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” when the actor who is communist in real life said that and most Dims I think behave like they are gods which is beyond sick .

Martin Michaels
1 month ago

BOTH are stupid ideas…

1 month ago

Thus, proving time and time again, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Leftism is a Transmissible Mental Disease!
Please, SPAY and NEUTER your LEFTISTS!
However, their “Transgender” movement is doing a marvelous job of that already!

1 month ago

There both stupid how can a true man with DNA that says he a male get pregnant and deliver a baby even if you had surgery to move stuff around to look the part your still a man so how can you get pregnant

The Old Dog
1 month ago

Oooooohh, ooohh, I know that one! Call om me! I know it! I know it! I’m up? Am I up? Okay, I know what what “men give birth, and “defund the police have in common, I know, it’s – – – – – – – – Yeah it’s the stupidest goddam thing any moron could come up with, but just normal thinking for those leftist loons….

1 month ago
Reply to  The Old Dog

Capital B and Capital S!!!!

1 month ago

Two male buzzards copulated and gave birth to our presiednt. He was addled because he splashed on a rock when birthed. I beleive it.

1 month ago
Reply to  guest

It was not buzzards . It was two snakes which are born of Satan.

25 days ago

You realize that the first of the morning blessings a Jew says thanks Gd for ‘giving man the understanding to distinguish between day and night”. That ability to distinguish light from dark, right from wrong, and all the other distinctions you mention, is exactly what makes humans able to live up to Gd’s moral code. It is the very foundation on which we can build our knowledge and abilities.