An Iranian government jet departs Geneva after collecting $400 million worth of Swiss francs that Obama-Biden furnished for the ayatollahs. Photo: Screenshot of planespotter video via Wall Street Journal.

The rules for unvaccinated people could be getting tighter and tighter. Recently the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, said that those who haven’t been vaccinated against Covid-19 should be banned from flying.

The Daily Wire reports:

“If you’re not vaccinated, you shouldn’t be allowed in the hospital, you shouldn’t be allowed to fly, you shouldn’t be allowed on the London Underground, and you shouldn’t be allowed in the local supermarket or your pharmacy either,” said the European airline executive, The Telegraph reports. “You can sit at home and you know, get your deliveries of medicines and food. But you should not, you know, go to work or go on public transport unless you have a vaccine certificate.”

The comments follow a man loudly denouncing stringent COVID-19 restrictions on a Ryanair jet.

“I have a right, every single person on this plane has a right not to take a test. Who do they think they are? I have a constitutional right in the amendment,” said the man, according to The Daily Mail. “I don’t have to take something, you are being forced. You are being forced into everything, ‘take a vaccine, you do this, take a vaccine you do that.’”

Meanwhile, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly told members of the Senate on Wednesday that masks do not offer significant protection to passengers in comparison to planes’ high-grade HEPA filters. Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) was reportedly “shocked” by the executives’ comments — agreeing with O’Leary that it is “immoral” to “allow unvaccinated people on planes.”

Separately, Amtrak and Boeing recently suspended their employee vaccine mandates.

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