Liberal Loon Chops Off Locks in Bizarre Stunt

A woman fighting on behalf of all trees in the State of Florida went to bizarre lengths to send a message to the Tampa Bay city council. (Fox News)

With scissors in hand, Cinzia Duncan demonstrated what it means to chop down a tree – by cutting off a chunk of her blonde locks.

“Well, that happened. I can’t undo that. I can’t put it back,” she said at a Tampa City Council meeting, FOX13 reported. “When you cut down these live oaks…you can’t un-plant them.”

Duncan’s actions caused some laughs at the meeting, but it appeared to get the council members’ attention. They approved her proposal for changing the way trees are evaluated when it comes to removing them for construction by a 6-to-1 vote.

Duncan is a member of Tampa’s Tree Something Say Something, an organization formed to help educate city council members, who for the last year have been in the process of re-writing the city’s tree code.

“Once you cut it, it’s gone,” Duncan lamented afterward.

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