Politician Resigns After Face-Licking Scandal

A Florida politician resigned this week over bizarre sexual misconduct allegations. (Independent)

Nancy Oakley stepped down from her role as city commissioner of Madeira Beach on Tuesday, just days after being fined by the state ethics commission for allegedly sexually harassing former city manager Jonathan Evans.

Ms Oakley was fined $5,000 by the Florida Commission on Ethics, who had urged the governor to issue a public statement rebuking her.

Following their investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations, the Florida Commission on Ethics released a report citing that Ms Oakley potentially violated state law because she engaged “exhibiting inappropriate behaviour” when she licked Mr Evans’ face during a fishing tournament in 2012.

The report stated multiple witnesses testified that Ms Oakley was intoxicated and touched the former city manager inappropriately, the Miami Herald reported.

Reports suggest Ms. Oakley’s face-licking habit is not exclusive to Mr. Evans.

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