[VIDEO] Killer Aims at Cop, Pulls Trigger – But Wasn’t Prepared For This

An Illinois police officer’s fought for her life with a man wanted for murder before a backup officer fatally shot him point blank.

It was all captured on camera. (Fox News)

The Lake County State’s Attorney released the dashcam and body camera videos from the July 26, 2018 encounter between Lakemoor officer Brianna Tedesco and Kenneth Martell, who was asleep in a parked car in suburban Chicago.

In the video, Martell tells Tedesco his name is “James Dunkin,” but the officer tells him a search was unable to find a driver’s license record for anyone matching that name

“I just have to make sure you don’t have any warrants or anything… which I’m sure you don’t,” she could be heard saying. “Once I confirm that, you’ll be on your way, no big deal.”

Martell, who was wanted on a murder warrant for a fatal shooting in Pennsylvania, hands Tedesco a piece of paper then grabs a handgun and aims it at the officer.

The trigger didn’t fire. It was the last mistake he ever made.

(Video H/T Blue Lives Matter)

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