Floridian Who Asked Cops to Test His Meth Finds Himself in Trouble

A Florida man brought methamphetamine to a police station for testing isn’t having a good day. (The Smoking Gun)

Douglas Kelly, 50, was arrested last year on a felony narcotics possession charge. After posting $2500 bond, he was freed from the Putnam County jail.

But when he failed to show for subsequent court hearings, a judge issued an arrest warrant for Kelly, who told police he lived in Hawthorne, a city about 15 miles east of Gainesville.

Pictured above, Kelly was arrested after calling cops to say that he believed a meth dealer had rooked him. Kelly told investigators that he wanted to “press charges” against the dealer if a test determined that he had “been given the wrong narcotics,” according to a police report.

Kelly explained to a Putnam County Sheriff’s Office deputy that he had a “violent reaction” after smoking what he thought was “speed,” but now suspected was Flakka, the synthetic stimulant.

When police finally catch up to Kelly, he’ll likely face a second felony rap for jumping bail.

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