MUST-SEE: State Trooper Saves Bystander From Certain Death

An out-of-control vehicle seriously injured a Florida state trooper, moments after the officers pushed a bystander out of harm’s way. (Fox News)

The Florida Highway Patrol said Trooper Mithil Patel, 31, was standing on the side of Interstate 95 north of West Palm Beach as part of an accident investigation.

As Patel was on the side of the road a truck ran into the back of a black Audi in a nearby lane, sending the vehicle spinning out of control towards the trooper. Video of the terrifying incident was captured by CBS12, which was covering the original accident.

Patel then pushed another man to the side before Patel was struck by the vehicle.

The man Patel pushed out of the way, Rony Bottex, told WPTV he hasn’t stopped praying for the trooper who saved his life.

Bottex added, “If he wasn’t there, if the officer wasn’t there, I’d be dead.”

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