Fmr Fox Star’s Fiery Clash With View Colleagues Goes Viral

The ladies of The View got heated today during a debate over President Donald Trump’s claim that Democrats are deliberately inflating the death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurrican Maria. (Mediaite)

Sunny Hostin called Trump’s comments “grotesque” and said they render him “illegitimate as the President of the United States.” Abby Huntsman, though, was willing to attribute Trump’s remarks to his pattern of exaggeration — lamenting how politicized Puerto Rico’s recovery has become.

“I don’t think President Trump is solely to blame for what happened,” Hunstman said. “Puerto Rico had a number of problems before Maria even hit.”

Hostin pushed back, saying Puerto Rico’s pre-Maria conditions were made possible because of U.S. policy that treated the island “as a bank account.” Huntsman eventually locked horns with Hostin and accused her of being “unfair” by comparing the president to a dictator.

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